16 September 2022

Worcestershire Poets pay touching tributes to Queen Elizabeth II

WRITERS across Worcestershire have been getting creative to pen touching tributes to Queen Elizabeth II.


Worcestershire Poet Laureate Rhianna Levi pays tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II with a specially written poem in her honour.

May she, like us all, be at peace:

There she goes,

Setting down the heaviness of the jewelled crown.

She wishes to find her everlasting sleep.

Her time of 96 years in this frenetic sentience draws to a necessary close,

Behind the same velvet curtains that her Prince saw first.


Regardless of personal view, what a fierce woman she remained.

Bringing calm from the pressures of the known thrown, nodding respect to all those met.

May her enlightened blue eyes remind us that death is an eventual date,

But our auras regenerate in years to be.

May the Queen Elizabeth II, like us all,

Be accompanied by needed peace.



Ruth Soden, from Wythall, penned this poem entitled ‘Queen Elizabeth II’.

You reigned with gentleness and with much Grace

Our hearts you held firmly in your tender embrace

But now there’s an emptiness deep inside

As we realise your sudden parting has changed our lives.


You have been an example in all that you have done

You have been consistent in the race that you’ve been given to run

But now your race is complete and all is still

There’s an emptiness that will be very difficult to fill.


Your devout personal Faith in God you freely shared

Your Christmas messages let us know you genuinely cared.

You served your subjects with gentleness and with ease

Your sense of humour meant you loved to joke and to even tease.


Your love of the countryside took you up to The Scottish Highlands

Where at Balmoral you could relax as if on an island

There you enjoyed your family, your horses and your pets

While walking, riding and playing – you were truly blessed.


You travelled The Commonwealth to support and to advise

You kept your vows to be faithful – never grudging the sacrifice

We are so grateful for all you have given throughout your reign

We are convinced we will never know a monarch like you again.


And as Heaven opened its doors I’m sure the angels could hear

‘Well done thou good and faithful servant’, as a voice rang out clear

Entering into your Heavenly reward we now have to let you go

As you’ll spend eternity where there’s neither tears nor pain nor any sorrow.




Bromsgrove poet Judith Rowe has written a new work which she has dedicated to The Queen.


The day we all knew would inevitably come, our long serving monarch has died

A nation in mourning for our much-loved Queen not many people dry-eyed

Not once in her reign did, she speak ‘about me’ and that was part of her magic

When her soulmate her rock died her sparkle just went to see her demise was so tragic

But no, she had sworn all her life to just serve for how many years that would be

A young girl was crowned, her life changed overnight and this was the face we would see

Through scandal and turmoil, she rode through the storm inside her heart was full of much sorrow

What mother could bear all the pain and the hurt and she still had to face a tomorrow

The headlines the scandals for the world all to read not once did her dignity fall

With determined demeanour she just carried on serving her people one and all

70 years we have known no-one else. so your loss to us all is profound

But who would deny you a peace at long last? Reunited your loved one you have found