16 September 2022

Timely release for Wychbold author Justin’s new book which offers comfort to bereaved children

WYCHBOLD author Justin Bowen released his third book ‘Cuddles Are Forever’ last Wednesday based on a story he used to tell his children to bring them comfort after his wife and their mum Helga passed away.

And the release was given added poignancy when The Queen died a day later.

Justin told the story to his son and daughter to explain how their mum would always be with them and how energy lasted forever.

He shared it on Twitter and several suggested he turn it into a book so, working with illustrator Charity Russell, he did just that.

Justin said: “I’ve heard many people talk about how the Queen’s death has impacted on children, either by raising anxiety in them about loved ones dying or by triggering difficult emotions and memories for those who’ve experienced loss.

“As such, I feel it’s release is very timely as the aim of the book is to bring comfort to children who might be worrying about their loved ones dying, or who have experienced death.”

Helga passed away in 2019 after a brave cancer battle and earlier this year, Justin released another book called ‘‘Be The Rainbow: A Practical Guide for Supporting Bereaved Children in Primary Schools’.

It was inspired by a painting created by his daughter Seren.

He said he and his children, who were five and seven at the time, were blessed with wonderful support from Wychbold First and Nursery School but that was not always the case and the book sought to address that by helping schools when their children were bereaved.

Visit amazon.co.uk/Cuddles-Are-Forever-Justin-Bowen/dp/1916874681 for more and to order ‘Cuddles Are Forever’.

Reprinted by kind permission of The Bromsgrove Standard