10 October 2014

New music venture launched at Bromsgrove school

A BROMSGROVE school has launched a new music venture for its pupils.

Bromsgrove Preparatory School, in Old Station Road, have given all year three pupils at the school the opportunity to learn a string instrument for free.

Pupils have been able to choose for themselves which instrument, choosing between violin, viola, cello or double bass.

The scheme launched at the beginning of September with the school's team of specialist string teachers, led by Fiona Swadling, head of strings and Jessica Russell, a music teacher at the school.

James McKelvey, director of music, said: "Their class music lessons will be a valuable extra group learning experience in addition to an individual or shared lesson option, if they choose to take up separate instrumental lessons.

"There are huge gains to be found in learning an instrument including the development of many lifelong skills: concentration, patience, motor skills and memory, confidence and sense of public performance, creativity and sensitivity, independence, team work and interaction with peers and adults.

"This is a fantastic opportunity and one which the music department as a whole is hugely excited by.”

The scheme will run throughout the academic year, culminating in a concert showing off the skills that the pupils have learned.

Reprinted by kind permission of The Bromsgrove Advertiser