2 June 2014

Bromsgrove Guild exhibition at town library

TOWNSFOLK are being invited to a special exhibition being held at Bromsgrove Library.

In 2013 the Norton Collection Trust acquired 2,700 glass negatives and 180 hand-drawn original Bromsgrove Guild designs from 1900 to 1914.

A collection of these have now been put on display at Bromsgrove Library, in Stratford Road.

The trust's exhibition, on behalf of Dennis Norton, will be at the library for the next four weeks.

The guild was a company of modern artists and designers associated with the arts and crafts movement, founded by Walter Gilbert.

It worked in various mediums including metal, wood and glass.

Among its most famous works are the main gates of Buckingham Palace, and Liverpool's Liver Birds. The exhibition features an impressive image of one of the Liver Birds being constructed.