6 September 2013

Art society established almost 70 years ago still going strong

The Avoncroft Art Society

AN art group that has been going for almost 70 years is showing no signs of slowing down.

In fact The Avoncroft Art Society, officially 67-years-old, is going from strength to strength and has more than 250 members.

The society, based at the Avoncroft Art Centre, near Morrison’s and the Hanbury Turn pub, runs a number of diverse classes such as art, French, yoga, pottery workshops and its longest running class – the Avoncroft Folk Dance Group.

However, despite running packed classes and workshops five days a week for more than half a century, it appears not everyone is aware of the society.

A spokesman from the group said: “Many people (even local people who have lived in Bromsgrove a long time) have said, on discovering the location of the centre, that they did not know who we were or that we even existed.”

“But here we are and here we stay.”

The society was formed just after the Second World War as an off-shoot from the Avoncroft Agricultural College, based at a house nearby formally owned by the Droitwich Salt King, John Corbett.

In the early days the society provided extra-curricular activities for the students at the college.

Cadbury’s, the chocolate manufacturers, where very deeply involved with the college and even after the Government of the day ceased to support the college, the society continued, supported by George Cadbury and the Croft Trust and more recently, the Bournville Village Trust.

The art centre comprises five buildings including Avoncroft Pre-school Nursery and a main hall which boasts the only sprung dance floor in the town.

It is home to other local groups such as the Bromsgrove Amateur Radio Club, Bromsgrove Photographic Society and Stoke Parish Council.

The spokesman added that even with the society going from strength to strength more members would be welcome.

For more information on the society or any of the classes, call 01527 833829 or visit avoncroftarts.org.uk.

Reprinted by kind perrmission of The Bromsgrove Advertiser