31 March 2023 - 7:30 pm

Callino String Quartet – Bromsgrove Concerts

Cobham Theatre, Bromsgrove Preparatory School, B60 2BU

Originally formed in Ireland, the Callino Qt first played for Bromsgrove Concerts in 2009. They have supported Irish composer Ian Wilson over the years. Helena Winkelman plays 1st Violin in the group. Her quartet was written as a ‘companion piece’ to Haydn’s Op 33 No 3. The Ravel composed in 1903 in a classical four movement structure, offers both lyrical and playful themes.

The Calino String Quartet…..

  • Helena Winkelman violin
  • Tom Hankey violin
  • Rebecca Jones viola
  • Sarah McMahon cello


  • Haydn: String Quartet in C Op 33 No 3 ‘The Bird’
  • Helena Winkelman: Papa Haydn’s Parrot (2016)
  • Ian Wilson: String Quartet No 6 ‘In fretta, in vento’(2001)
  • Ravel: String Quartet F major

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