16 December 2022 - 7:00 pm
23 December 2022 - 10:00 pm

All and Sundry – Hook’s Revenge (Return to Neverland)

Cobham Theatre, Bromsgrove School

Captain Hook has long since been defeated by Peter pan and banished from Neverland but now he’s returned even more nasty than before and he is determined to wreak his revenge on Peter. To help him in his task, he enlists the help of two of the nastiest pirates ever to sail the seas.

Hook is still wary of the ticking crocodile and has hired Australian crocodile hunter Croc Fundee to capture the beast.

Meanwhile, Peter Pan enjoys another day having a lie-in after binge-watching the latest Netflix series. It seems that since defeating Hook and his pirates, Peter has become bored and no longer bothers to join in adventures with Tinkerbell and The Lost Boys, In fact, he doesn’t even bother to fly anymore because it’s too tiring.

Peter discovers Hook has returned, but because he hasn’t flown in ages, he has now lost the ability to fly. In order to regain the power of flight, he must travel to the Neverlandee tribe’s sacred cave and drink from the magical spring. Peter and his friends travel through the Neverland Jungle, beset with a wild gorilla to reach the cave, however once inside, Hook dynamites the only entrance sealing Peter and his friends inside, along with the crocodile.

This version of Peter Pan has Peter’s feet firmly on the floor, but will that enable Hook to finally defeat his once airborne adversary?

Tickets available from 01527 579679