17 December 2014 - 7:00 pm
21 December 2014 - 10:00 pm

All and Sundry – Aladdin (5 nights plus matinees)

The traditional story of the poor laundry boy, who gets ideas above his station. Aladdin is determined to catch sight of the Princess Jasmine even at the risk of his life.
He eventually manages this and in true pantomime style they immediately fall in love. This almost costs Aladdin his head, but just as the executioner is about to cut his life short he is rescued by the mysterious Abanazer. He in return, asks Aladdin to retrieve a lamp from inside a deep dark cave.
An argument ensues and Abanazer seals Aladdin in the cave and leaves him there to die. Helped first by a rather unusual Genie, he eventually escapes and goes on to defeat Abanazer, win the hand of the Princess Jasmine and make his family rich.
A terrifically funny pantomime, with some great jokes and one-liners.
Joining Aladdin on his comical adventures are some very colourful characters including Aladdin's man mad mum, Dame Widow Twankey, his brother Wishee Washee and a couple of inept policemen.
Also includes a traditional ‘it's behind you' routine involving a Mountain Gorilla!
Look out for an amazing UV flying carpet scene that promises to take you on a magical journey to a far away land……

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family ticketrs and concessions available